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My interest was aroused by the paper magnifications and the home lab of my father when I was a child. Using the inherited contraptions I was more and more interested in their technical architecture and the procedure of photo-making. From taking landscape photos, through recording family events, came the discovering of the details. I am interested in several branches of photography and I try to solve the task from an individual point of view every time. This manifests itself in that I paraphrase my message concentrating on the details and I like to improvise. The way I see things did not form consciously, but it is an integral part of my photos from the beginning. In 2001 I realized that I can get to the point where my photos are recognizable with accepting and not leaving this. The above date is the beginning of my photographic studies as well, during which the prime consideration was to be taught by professional photographers. After reading several specialist books I was taught by press photographers, it was the period of instructing private lessons and photo evaluations. From 2008 I continued with learning about portraits and fashion photo shootings in the capital, and in the meantime, I got a photographer diploma as well. I borrow my creed from an Old English proverb: “the best panorama opens from the middle of the hillside”.

The visitor can browse the portfolio and references in the gallery. Frequent services are portrait, report, food, wedding, marketing photography. A private wedding gallery is also available in a previously agreed extent and duration.
As for my photography business, I'm crazy about visual communication. Me as a human I'm a behavioral psychologist, easily get in touch with people, and am keen on all about life-long learning and sharing. This is the secondary reason why I've started my Youtube Channel to share experiences. The primary reason is communication. This is the key to photography.