Modell és divatfotók Pannonhalmán.

Aljaz Bedene Slovenian tennis player in action. ATP250 Budapest Gasprom Open 2018. Captured by Sony RX-10 just for fun.

Lovely view from my studio after the rain in Budapest 13 april 2018

Destination photos in Budapest 13 march 2018

20 dec 2017
Family photo shoot in Budapest

11 dec 2017
Portrait photo shoot at the dentist's office

4 dec 2017
Food photo shoot in VígMolnár Csárda, Csopak
Csopak is a small city situated on the lakeside of Balaton. I took photos of the festive menu in the restaurant, plus a couple of portraits of the chef. This place is a roadhouse restaurant and the kitchen meets the highest standards of Hungary with friendly staff and experienced chef.

1 dec 2017
Fashion shoot by the Danube river

26 nov 2017
Fashion photo shoot in my studio

16 oct 2017
Downtown marketing photography @ Albé
This is a real estate agency in the heart of Budapest with professionals who are young at heart. This is why we could make some funny stuff in the end, not just ordinary images of the workers. Albé is the best choice.

12 oct 2017
Portfolio photo shoot at the bank of Balaton
I take portfolio photos not only of ladies but men. So guys, don't be shy to catch me for a casual photo session indoor or outdoor. See you there next year!